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Gorgeous Red Bronze Canary - $139 - FREE Shipping This is a perfect example of the red bronze from the red factor line of singing canaries.


16/04/2019. 2 canaries for sale, both cocks birds. one is a fife an one is a red factor/gloster canaries. reason for sale got to many cock birds. £10 each


We have been breeding canaries for over 12 years. We have found our love for the Red Mosaic Canary mutation. We currently have over 40 breeding pairs. We are always looking at expanding our gene pool by introducing new birds.To order call 360-848-8879


The red-factor canary is an example of a color-bred canary, or a canary that is bred and prized for its color, rather than its song. These birds’ body-types appear to be just like the other canaries, but with one special trait — the owner can influence the color of their bird.


£35 For Sale Red Factor Canaries. This advert is located in and around Southampton, Hampshire. I am looking to rehome my Red Factor Canaries, 6 months old. Please feel free to call or email me any questions you have, on collection please bring a box or cage. £40.00 each £70.00 for two. Thank...


Red factor and dimorphic canaries for sale. 25 each. Pair for 40. Haven’t been fed any colour enhancer as yet so colours haven’t ‘popped’ yet. Also have a few border canaries and a few other ones floating about to get rid of ...


Buy Red Factor Canary Wholesale. Luis R. Fonticoba is a N.C.A. Colorbred Judge who has been breeding and exhibiting Red Factor Canaries Since 1970. His brood stock originates from the best quality Red Factor Canaries from "C.O.M." European Champions, as well as U.S.A. National winners.


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Everywhere 125 United States 1 Brazil ... [canaryman49] Here now some selected red lipochrome canaries ,of great quality,with a rich deep red tone Summerfield, Florida » Canaries » We specialize in Parisian Frill Canaries & Gibosos ! (All sold for ... Red factor canary for sale call me at 703-628-3764 . Young $50. Adult and singi ...