Jan 23, 2019 ... The Red Factor Canary was developed by Dr. Hans Duncker (a German Breeder ) in the early 1900s by crossing a male red siskin with yellow ...

Bird Breeder by Species (sorted by bird species with breeders listed below each ... Breed:color bred canaries: red factor, bronze, blue, blue/white bred for song: ...

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The red-factor canary's body-type appears to be just like the other canaries, but .... at large pet stores, avian-specialty stores as well as direct from bird breeders.

This gorgeous canary, the Red Factor Canary, is prized by many as the most .... be readily found through bird shows, bird clubs, breeders, and on the internet.

... classifieds. Browse through available red colored canaries for sale adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. ... Miami, FL. Species: Red Factor Canary.

Development and color-feeding needs of the red factor plus pictures... ... of color mutations AND "intensive breeding" breeders have discovered many colors.

*visit *call us - 1.8. Hollywood ... Spnaish timbrado canaries for sale Males: 55 dollars Females 50 dollars Variety of co

Oct 1, 2013 ... 2013 Bird Room in MALTA Stock: Red Factors, Red Mosaic, Yorkshires Breeder Joseph Schembri Stock: Agate Red Mosaic, Topaz Agate Red ...

May 16, 2017 ... We have found our love for the Red Mosaic Canary mutation. We currently have ... 15"h. Each cage has 4 breeder doors and 3 compartments.