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The red-factor canary is an example of a color-bred canary, or a canary that is bred and prized for its color, rather than its song. These birds’ body-types appear to be just like the other canaries, but with one special trait — the owner can influence the color of their bird.


The Red Factor canary has been bred for its red plumage ("Colorbred"). The Red Factor Canary was developed by Dr. Hans Duncker (a German Breeder) in the early 1900s by crossing a male red siskin with yellow canary. Some say the yellow canary was a German Roller, while others believe that its ancestor is a Border Canary.


The Colorbred is a type of canary that has been bred to bring a specific desired color with little or no regard for singing ability or body shape. There are many colors but the Red Factor canary is the most popular and the most well known.


C.O.M. European & U.S.A. National Red Factor Canary Champions One of the most popular cage and aviary bird anywhere in the world is the canary. These delightful little birds are now available in a huge array of color and shape variations and are ideal as both pets and for serious breeders and exhibitors.


2013 Bird Room in MALTA Stock: Red Factors, Red Mosaic, Yorkshires Breeder Joseph Schembri Stock: Agate Red Mosaic, Topaz Agate Red Mosaic, Satinett Red Mosaic, Isabelle Red Mosaic. Breeder Ryan ...


We have been breeding canaries for over 12 years. We have found our love for the Red Mosaic Canary mutation. We currently have over 40 breeding pairs. We are always looking at expanding our gene pool by introducing new birds.To order call 360-848-8879


Everywhere 140 United States 1 Brazil ... Red factor canary for sale call me at 703-628-3764 . Young $50. Adult and singi ... Bred by an exhibitor-breeder and member of the Columbia Canary Club, Vancouver, Washington » Canaries » $150: Colorbred Canaries [hvtsbcg2593]


Bird and Parrot classifieds. Browse through available canaries for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues.


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