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Furthermore, tests reveal a red dye side effect may possibly produce tumors in mice. Red 40 Side Effects: Radioactive Mice! Speaking of which, lab animals show significant retention of radioactivity in the guts after consuming red dye 40.


Will Red 40 be the next food dye removed from the list? The Southampton Six There are conflicting studies about the side effects of Red 40. Groups like The Center for Science in the Public Interest have been pushing the FDA to remove what they call the “Southampton Six” from the FDA’s approved list of safe ingredients.


Red Dye 40 is an ingredient you’ll find on many food and product labels. Also known as Allura Red, it’s the most common artificial food coloring (AFC).


Synthetically derived from petroleum, the additive is also known as FD&C Red No. 40, Allura Red and Red 40. Although most of the dye you ingest is excreted from your body, Red 40 has potential for serious side effects, states the CSPI.


Drug Side Effects, Red Dye #40 and Depression ... one of which was Red Dye #40. And here, as Paul Harvey used to say, is "the rest of the story." When I first got the prescription filled, it was for the tablets. I took the first dose, and got a migraine within probably an hour or so.


Red 40 is a food dye that can possibly cause children to have hyperactivity. Adults can have migraines if they consume the dye. Other side-effects include stomach upset and let the consumer feel ...


FD&C Red No. 40, also known as Allura Red AC, is commonly used in liquid medications with cherry, strawberry or "berry" flavoring. It may also be used as a colorant in tablets and capsules. Red No. 40 replaced Red Dye No. 2 in 1976 due to reported links with cancer from Red Dye No. 2.


WebMD explores the relationship between food dye and ADHD symptoms. Find out about food coloring and hyperactivity, how diet influences ADHD symptoms, and what steps to take if you suspect an ...


Red Dye 40 is also known as FD&C Red 40 or Allura red. Since a long time, concerns about red dye 40 have alarmed the regulatory authorities and several studies have been carried out to find out the authenticity of these concerns. Know what is Red Dye 40 and what are the dangers of Red Dye 40 to a persons health.


Red 40 Dye and Hyperactivity. Red 40 dye is an ingredient that is used to add artificial color to foods, beverages, and some cold medications. While red 40 dye is approved by the FDA, many parents of children with ADHD have had to limit or remove the dye from their children’s diets due to its effects on behavior.