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OneSTL is the result of an extensive community engagement process and more than seventy-five (75) separate studies all of which contribute to a vision for moving the St. Louis Metropolitan Area toward a healthy, prosperous, and livable future. OneSTL encourages the combined efforts of individuals, governments, organizations, and the private sector to ensure that the region continues to grow ...


Recycle Responsibly. The Materials and Recycling working group has been collaborating and strategizing ways in which to educate and involve the public on the contamination issue that led to China rejecting most of the United States’ recyclable materials in early 2018. Our working group rolled out the Recycle Responsibly campaign in November ...


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Recycle Responsibly Campaign Across the St. Louis metro area in Missouri and Illinois, we have created ONE regional recycling message. The “Recycle Responsibly” campaign highlights keeping plastic bags OUT of recycling bins. Plastic bags are harmful to the recycling sorting process and jams machinery which puts workers at risk. If recyclables are put in a […]


Best Buy: From picking a product to recycling it responsibly, Best Buy is here for you every step of the way. Best Buy has multiple options to help you reuse and recycle your electronics. Best Buy offers in-store recycling and trade-in services, as well as haul-away services for larger TVs and appliances.


Recycling Responsibly: What Types of Plastic are Recyclable? Welcome back to Bay Disposal’s Recycling Responsibly Series. Each week we’re back with more answers to your lifelong recycling questions. Ever stood at the two bins – one black for trash, one blue or green for recycling – and wondered whether the item in your hand is ...


However, improper practices lead to recycling contamination. By throwing one unsuitable item into a recycling container, you risk contaminating everything else. With its #1MORE initiative, waste management provider Republic Services Inc. encourages communities to take #1MORE step to recycle more responsibly.


How to Recycle Responsibly. e-Stewards certified recyclers adhere to the highest global standard for environmental and social responsibility. When you drop your electronics off at an e-Stewards recycler, you are assured that they take the necessary care to:


With growing technological advancements there is a need now more than ever for an outlet to recycle End of Life Electronics. Elgin Recycling is able to offer all our customers efficient and secure electronic recycling services. Elgin Recycling is R2 Certified and has employed a team to manage the environmental health and safety aspects of our business.


The R2:2013 Standard is the latest version of R2, the electronics recycling industry's leading certification. Each provision of the R2 Standard is designed to help ensure the quality, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility, of R2 Certified electronics recycling facilities.