The dorsal recumbent position of the patient is a position in which the person lies on his back on the table in the examination room. His knees are bent with his feet flat on the table but also rotated outward. More »

The lateral recumbent position, or Sims position, is when a patient is lying on her side with the lower arm tucked behind her back and her upper thigh bent. The patient can lie on her left or her right side. More »

Generally, a three-wheeled bike is not capable of going as fast as a two-wheeled bike due to weight differences and aerodynamic drag created by the shape. Three-wheeled bikes, also referred to as tricycles or recumbent t... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling Bicycles

"Dorsal" refers to the back side of the body whereas "ventral" refers to the front side of the body. When discussing bipeds, these terms are interchangeable with the terms "posterior" and "anterior." More »

According to Marc Colbeck, a paramedic instructor and operator of, the Fowler's position is an upright or leaning sitting position in which the knees are straight or bent. Someone in a high Fowler's posi... More » Science Human Anatomy

Six millimeters is equal to 0.236 inches, according to calculations based on a conversion table published by the University of Arizona. Therefore, a kidney stone measuring 6 millimeters in length is less than a quarter o... More » Science Human Anatomy

Located at the back of the brain, the occipital lobes are the part of it responsible for sight. They are part of the cerebral cortex. The temporal lobes and the parietal lobe also play a role in visual perception. More »