After cataract surgery, most patients are able to resume normal activities within three to four days. Full recovery takes about eight weeks, depending on the age and health of the individual, according to WebMD. More » Health Vision

On average, patients begin to recover from cataract surgery by the end of the first week after the procedure, according to The New York Times. Most patients, when using eye drops, pain relievers and prescription medicati... More »

The recovery time after cataract surgery is about a month, according to WebMD. While many patients note vision improvements the day after surgery, they must take eyedrops to help with inflammation and stave off infection... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Patients who have undergone cataract surgery are often able to return to work within a few days, according to NHS Choices. Individuals who have demanding jobs or those who face work-related exposure to dust and liquid ma... More »

With the surgeon’s approval, patients who have undergone a cataract surgery can resume most of their daily activities, including exercise, after one week, states Weston Eye Center. Patients are advised to avoid bending, ... More »

Patients often experience halos for a few days after cataract surgery with toriclens and monofocal lens implants. In some cases the effect takes weeks to disappear, according to Marin Eyes. Patients with multifocal lens ... More »

After cataract surgery, vision begins improving within a few days, with blurriness starting to clear by the next day, Mayo Clinic states. It generally takes a few days before vision is completely restored after the surge... More » Health Vision