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Most patients need a minimum of 4 weeks recovery following surgery to repair a meniscus tear, according to WebMD. Surgeons often recommend 2 weeks of immobilization following surgery, then 2 weeks of limited motion before returning to normal activity.


It usually takes around four weeks before a person can return to normal activities after a meniscus tear surgery, according to WebMD. Strenuous activities, such as running, should be avoided for several months.


Most patients are usually back to their daily routines four weeks after surgery for a lateral meniscus tear, states WebMD. Patients' abilities to do more strenuous activities depends upon the type of surgery, their individual healing processes and their responses to phy...


Most people recover and resume daily routine activities within four to six weeks of meniscus surgery, according to MedicineNet. Movements that severely stress the knee, such as running, are postponed for months, states WebMD.


A meniscus tear is a knee injury. This type of injury is caused by turning the knee quickly or twisting it with the foot planted and the knee bent, according to WebMD. Meniscus tears are common, especially in weight lifters, athletes and older individuals.


Small tears of the meniscus usually heal by themselves in about six weeks, according to Patient.co.uk. Some tears do not heal, but these do not necessarily cause long-term problems after the initial pain has subsided.


Some of the treatments available for a meniscus tear include physical therapy, rest and surgery. Doctors usually carry out various examinations before recommending the best treatment for the condition, notes WebMD.