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A vinyl record has very small grooves. Within the grooves are small ridges that vibrate the needle of the record player, producing the proper frequency wave to recreate the sound.


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The very first machine that could play back music was the phonograph, which was created by Thomas Edison, but it went through several changes before it was able to play the flat recorded disks that became known as records. The phonograph started its use in 1857 with tin...


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Vintage record players are often replicas of classic models. Most common vintage players are designed after the style of early phonograph or gramophone players, which are notable for their large horns. These designs originated in the 1900s.


Online auction sites, physical auctions, Internet retail sites such as Craigslist and Etsy, and flea markets help people determine the value of old record players. An appraisal of a working or decorative machine relies on the make, model and condition of the piece. Sinc...