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The common torque ratings for bolts used depend on many different factors such as the bolt size, bolt material, number and type of threads and the condition of the bolt. The torque rating for various bolts also depends on the use and the purpose of the bolt.


Two websites that provide specifications for cam bolt torques are BoxWrench.net and MaineMustang.net. Box Wrench offers specifications for a variety of engine models, while Maine Mustang specializes in specifications for Ford engines.


The torque settings for cylinder head bolts are the manufacturer's recommendation for how tightly the bolts holding the cylinder heads to the engine block should be fastened. This is done using a special tool called a torque wrench that measures the pressure as the bolts are tightened.


Bolt torque calculators calculate the proper amount of torque for a particular bolt by collecting the dimensions and characteristics of the bolt in question. The calculator will generally return figures in the form of inch pounds or foot pounds.


As of 2016, CNCExpo.com and MachineToolHelp.com list tables of metric torque bolt specifications. Both sites list torque specs for grades 8.8 and 10.9 hex bolts and a grade 12.9 socket head cap screw.


Accurate bolt torque ensures optimal performance of the bolt. Too little torque may cause the bolt to get loose, and too much torque may strip the threads or break the bolt. Inaccurate torque of a single bolt may lead to failure of the entire apparatus.


Properly using an accurate torque wrench is the best way to torque head bolts correctly. Refer to the manufacturer for bolt torque and lubrication specifications Generally, cylinder head bolts require a light coating of 10W-30 motor oil, unless they are torque-to-yield bolts that are always inserted


Consult the service manual or gasket manufacturer's instructions for the tightening sequence and torque values for the engine's head gasket. Then, using a torque wrench, tighten the head bolts slowly and in the correct sequence, using three to five rounds to completely tighten the bolts to the corre


The website Tork Spec allows users to access torque specifications for a variety of cars sold in the United States. It has a broad collection of torque specifications, including both engine torque specifications and model torque specifications.


To interpret a bolt torque specification table, read across the columns. The first column specifies the bolt's size in inches, while the second illustrates the bolt's TPI. The third and fourth column show the proofload and clampload, respectively, and the fourth column indicates the bolt's tightenin