A recommendation letter for child custody should include information about the writer's relationship to the parent and a personal opinion about why the writer thinks the parent should receive custody, according to the La... More »

The purpose of a child custody letter is to provide evidence to the court or mediator that the parent seeking custody is fit, according to LegalZoom. Fitness generally indicates that the party can act for the best intere... More »

Letters of recommendation from friends can help to obtain a club membership, lease on an apartment or a favorable decision in child custody cases or adoptions. They can also help land employment for those who lack work h... More »

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The major factors to consider when writing a custody letter include providing examples of child-parent interaction, creating a friendly tone and explaining your relationship with the parent, according to The Law Dictiona... More »

A good recommendation letter states the writer's name and position, information about the relationship to the person referred, a judgment on the person's skills and abilities and descriptions of any instances in which th... More »

In California, a parent can ask the police to enforce a court order if the other parent does not follow it regarding visitation or custody of a child, according to the Judicial Council of California. Another option is co... More »

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A letter of recommendation for immigration, also known as a character reference letter, should include an introduction that explains how the writer knows the person in question and positive details about the relationship... More »