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Dish Type Breads Cakes ... Gnocchi Recipes Whether you buy premade gnocchi or make potato, ricotta, or butternut squash gnocchi from scratch, you'll love these five-star recipes! ... Handed down through the generations, this potato gnocchi recipe is easy to make and is a great alternative to pasta. Try it with your favorite tomato and pesto sauces.


Get Potato Gnocchi Recipe from Food Network. Cook’s Note. If the gnocchi are not to be cooked right away, they should be frozen.


Craving hearty comfort food? Little potato dumplings can pack big flavor and are a nice alternative to pasta. Try the most-popular gnocchi recipes to build your repertoire.


The Best Potato Gnocchi Side Dishes Recipes on Yummly | Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Sage Butter, White Sweet Potato Recipe, Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Gnocchi is quick to cook, versatile and makes a stunning dinner party dish or easy supper for two. Discover our top recipe ideas for these little Italian dumplings. We can't resist addictive gnocchi dumplings. They're adaptable and suit a variety of flavours, plus they can be made from potato ...


Think of gnocchi as very delicate dumplings. They are usually made using potatoes and/or flour. This is a dish that you can use with many sauces that you would normally use on pasta. It's alot easier to make than you might imagine. Some sauce ideas include Recipe #255532, Recipe #255509, and Recipe #264811


Winter Vegetables and Gnocchi Recipe. Pillowy store-bought potato gnocchi are a great stand-in for dumplings in this easy and comforting dish. Buy precut butternut squash to save time, but slice any larger pieces of squash in half to ensure that it cooks evenly.


Whether you buy premade gnocchi or make potato, ricotta, or butternut squash gnocchi from scratch, you'll love these five-star recipes! Cabbage and Noodles with Ham Ham and gnocchi are tossed with cooked cabbage and onions in this easy skillet meal.


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Gnocchi are Italian dumplings that are made with potatoes and flour then boiled just until they're fluffy little pillows of goodness. A simple sauce of butter, fresh sage leaves, and Parmesan is a classic accompaniment to gnocchi, and it's easy to make.