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Vinegar is excellent for removing soap residue from your clothes and is also a natural softener & whitener. It will make your towels more absorbent, eliminates static cling and is a great alternative for people with skin allergies. Recipe #1: Vinegar Fabric Softener. I’ve been using this recipe for several months & have had excellent results.


If you're making your our homemade laundry detergent then you'll definitely want to find a good diy homemade fabric softener recipe to go with it. I really like homemade fabric softeners. They don't make your clothes feel the same as store bought fabric softener do when they come out of the dryer. I think that's a good thing. Homemade fabric softeners won't leave your clothes s...


I have finally found a homemade fabric softener recipe that makes fabric softener like the real thing. I know you can use vinegar and I often have but I really like the smell and the extra softness that fabric softeners like Downy give you.


I’ve seen recipes for the dry powdered homemade laundry soaps that add a jar of the fabric softener crystals. Perhaps that would be an idea for saving money by making the laundry soap, but still adding the nice smell of the fabric softeners.


Add ½ cup of homemade liquid fabric softener to final rinse cycle via the fabric softener dispenser or with a fabric softener ball. 9. Homemade Dryer Sheets. Using the homemade liquid fabric softener recipe from above these homemade dryer sheets use vegetable glycerin to soften and deodorize your laundry.


This DIY Fabric Softener saves you money, is easy to make, and it really works! Check out our tried and true Homemade Fabric Softener Recipe! We are back and this time with one of our FAVORITE DIY recipes! DIY Fabric Softener! I don’t go through fabric softener as quickly as I do laundry soap ...


If you check the dangers of fabric softener you will appericate this simple recipe that is much safer.


Natural homemade fabric softener leaves laundry soft and static free without a chemical film or artificial fragrance. Learn how to make homemade fabric softener dryer sheets. It’s easy and affordable to replace your current fabric softener with a more natural alternative. This post uses ...


I just placed clean eight rags directly into the container with my homemade fabric softener (you can use store bought as well.) There will be a lot of extra liquid, but just wring out each towel before hanging it, and save the rest of the fabric softener for making more later.


The resulting fabric softener smelled amazing, and turned a “pretty good” idea into something really special! Not only does this homemade fabric softener work every bit as well as the store-bought ones, but it’s very affordable to make.