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Homemade Cheesy Potato Soup It doesn't take long to put bowls of this comforting homemade potato soup on the table. Convenience items such as canned soup and process cheese simplify the preparation.


"A simple, cheesy potato soup. This soup takes less than an hour to make. You can break up the potatoes with a fork if you want a thicker soup."


I added minced garlic, a few slices of bacon, a little more ground red pepper than called for, and a pinch of salt to the recipe. I also used the immersion blender to partially blend the soup. I left some of the potato cubes whole, so that the soup remained somewhat chunky, but had a more creamy consistency overall. Delicious!


Cheesy Potato Soup is filled with hearty vegetables, potatoes, and lots of cheese! This cheesy potato chowder is a great soup to chow down on during cold winter nights. It’s warm, it’s easy to make, and it’s so delicious. This cheesy potato soup recipe is perfect!


Taste of Home has the best cheesy potato soup recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips. Cheese Potato Soup Our Test Kitchen downsized this family-favorite soup from Katie Peat of Palmer, Illinois.


Cheesy Potato Soup is the perfect comfort food for cold winter evenings that your whole family will love! This creamy crockpot potato soup is loaded with flavor, comforting, and easy to throw together. Perfect for cold winter days! We love to eat filling soups for dinner during the colder months ...


You won’t find an easier Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe anywhere else! Just throw a small handful of ingredients in the crockpot, and a few hours later, you’ll have a creamy, delicious, CHEESY soup. It’s always the first soup gone at every potluck we take it to, and it goes perfectly with a bread ...


Crock Pot Potato Soup Recipe. Before anyone says it, yes, I know that Crock Pot is a brand name and that most people these days say slow cooker instead.. I just can’t help it, y’all. A crock pot is a crock pot to me, even if it’s not a Crock Pot.Who’s confused?


Easy Cheesy Loaded Potato Soup has all your favorite potato toppings in a warm, satisfying bowl. Cheese, crisp bacon, scallions and of course hearty potatoes in a creamy savory sauce. A real cold weather favorite! Since two of us and our parents hail from the great state of Idaho, we know our way ...


Warm up with this rich and indulgent soup.Our Cheesy Potato Soup with Bacon feeds a crowd, freezes well, and it comes together in a single Dutch oven.Melted yellow Cheddar makes a great finishing touch. If you prefer to buy only one type of cheese, then add extra white Cheddar.