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Don't settle for lilacs that bloom just once a year - get Bloomerang ® lilac and enjoy months of blooms instead of just weeks.. Bloomerang Purple lilac is the original reblooming lilac. It blooms in spring along with other lilacs, takes a brief rest to put on new growth, then blooms again from mid-summer through fall.


Many reblooming lilacs range in color from pale pink to magenta, which makes the lilac tone of Bloomerang a rarity—and extremely popular. The purple flower hue of these shrubs also darkens in color in summer and fall. Like other lilacs, the Bloomerang blooms are scented and make for good cut flowers in bouquets.


The Only Reblooming Lilac Tree Available! So, you love lilacs but wish for a longer blooming season. Enter the reblooming Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree. This tree ticks all the boxes of a grand garden favorite: • It blooms twice each year: once in mid-May and again from July to first frost.


Introduced by Minier Nursery of France in 1976, this lilac has proven to be a dependable rebloomer. The fragrant panicles of lavender-pink, trumpet shaped flowers are produced heavily in May followed by intermittent rebloom through the summer until frost.


A dwarf lilac like Bloomerang Dwarf Purple offers a lot of versatility in the landscape. Plant it lining a walkway, under windows, as a low hedge, or anywhere you want color and fragrance with minimal care.


Reblooming Lavender Lilac. Why Bloomerang® Lilac Shrubs? This upright, dwarf flowering shrub with fountain-like long branches fills your landscape with vibrant color and amazing fragrance. Line your driveway, plant in the corners of your landscape or place near your patio - no matter where it grows, the Bloomerang® Lilac Shrub shines.


Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of Josee's lavender-pink flowers from May until frost! This highly unusual and desirable reblooming lilac is low maintenance and extremely mildew resistant. Its compact size of only 6' tall makes it perfect for a hedge or specimen planting. Josee can rebloom up ...


Reblooming lilacs: The hype and the reality Josee and Bloomerang lilacs are sold as rebloomers, which will flower in late summer and fall as well as in spring. ... What I got was a dwarf lilac of ...


Also called everblooming lilacs. You can enjoy the unmatched beauty and sweet scent of lilacs all season long with reblooming lilac plants. Because most lilac blossoms are so short-lived (lasting only a few weeks in spring), these varieties were specially bred to bloom repeatedly throughout the summer.


Fragrant Lilac in a Stunning, Ornamental Tree Form The Lilac 'Bloomerang'™ is a revolutionary new kind of lilac! 'Bloomerang' blooms in spring and then again throughout the summer. It does go through a rest period in the heat of the summer and then