Politics plays a key role in establishing peace and collaboration within and between nations by establishing rules, regulations and setting standards for expected codes of conduct. Regardless of national origin, politics... More »

According to the University of Texas at Arlington, U.S. citizens study government to become informed voters, to understand their Constitutional rights, to know their responsibilities under the law and to think about how ... More »

Reasons to study political science include employment opportunities in the executive or legislative branches of government, career opportunities in political parties or political campaigns, career advancement for someone... More »

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Minor political parties can play an important role in a county's politics by virtue of their ability to influence the controlling party to adopt some of their platforms. Because they are not guaranteed a good chance of w... More »

There are many examples of republicanism in current US politics, including separate powers of government and political liberty. Republicanism is an ideology that informs the members of a democratic republic. In this sens... More »

Some minor parties who have contributed to U.S. politics include the Reform Party, Libertarians, Green Party, Natural Law Party and American Taxpayers Party (formerly Constitution Party). These parties have all had presi... More »

GOP is an acronym that stands for Grand Old Party in American politics and specifically refers to the Republican Party. GOP has also stood for Gallant Old Party and even Get Out and Push, both in reference to the Republi... More »

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