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Pass out the handout "Why we wear clothes" Discuss with students the 5 reasons we wear clothes. Pass out pictures of clothing from magazines. Have students stand in 5 places in the room to represent the 5 reasons why we wear clothes. Each student will show their picture and explain why they chose that reason.


Even today, one reason why people wear clothes is to look more beautiful. From parties to award shows, great emphasis is placed on the garments that are worn. To Make Identification Easier . Another reason is to allow people to know what they do. Nurses, soldiers and cops wear distinct uniforms. This makes identification easier.


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Why do people wear clothes? People wear clothes for a lot of different reasons, but many wear loose clothes to feel comfortable, to cover up a multitude of sins, for protection against rain and cold (sports), to invest in beautiful things (couture, etc.), to feel better about themselves, because society expects them to, and because, in a lot of ...


People wear clothes for many reasons, primarily for protection and decoration. While it may seem that protection from the elements is the main function of clothing, the concept of decorating the body is an ancient practice, going back to the days of the Neanderthal who disappeared 30,000 years ago.


Why Do Humans Wear Clothes? Humans wear clothing for comfort and to guard against exposure to weather and other environmental elements. Humans lost excess body hair long before the Ice Age — without it, humans were susceptible to cold.


People wear clothes for many different reasons. To cover up their private parts (such as under garments, loin cloths, and so on). To show who they, such as with fancy or expensive clothes that ...


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The Psychological Reason Why We Wear The Clothes We Wear Why do you go for THAT jacket and not THAT one? We asked the experts... The Psychological Reason Why We Wear The Clothes We Wear ... Our sartorial tastes come from a subconscious place, so its unsurprising that our parents, or the people we grew up with, affect our choices just as they ...


Clothing is a complex but fascinating part of everyone’s life. Let’s us analyze as to why we wear clothes. Protection. First and most important reason for our clothing is it provides protection from heat cold, wind, and rain. We all know extreme weathers can affect our skin and body.