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National development refers to the ability of a nation to improve the lives of its citizens. Measures of improvement may be material, such as an increase in the gross domestic product, or social, such as literacy rates and availability of healthcare.


Nationality is determined by birth or naturalization and is defined as a group of people living together in a country who often share a common language, history, customs and traditions. Nationality requires membership to a sovereign state or nation, and there are areas throughout the world where nat


The United Nations was officially formed in October 1945 to promote cooperation among different countries. It had its roots in the former League of Nations, which was formed after World War I but disbanded after failing to prevent the second World War.


A few popular national parks in the United States are Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park. As of 2014, each of these parks had several million visitors. The National Park Service oversees and maintains these and other U


The 2012 book "Why Nations Fail" by economist Daron Acemoglu and political scientist James A. Robinson posits that nations fail because they lack political and economic institutions necessary for success. Nations cannot succeed without centralized power and inclusive institutions. Other experts, suc


National advertising consists of persuasive words and images generally used by a business to sell its products to a national market. Presidential campaigns and large nonprofits also employ national advertising to convey persuasive messages to target audiences.


National integration describes the togetherness or oneness felt by citizens of a country with regard to citizenship. When individuals are nationally integrated, they may feel a sense of pride or patriotism.


The national savings rate of a country is the amount of income left over once the expenditures and costs of consumption have been subtracted. National savings include money saved from government, business and personal expenditure within a single variable.


Although he had a German heritage, Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Poland. Torun, the city in which he was born, had become an official part of Poland by the time of his birth. However, German was his primary language.


National Safety Month is an initiative created and run by the National Safety Council. The Council is a non-profit agency with a Congressional charter but is not administered by the United States government. June is National Safety Month and is designed to raise awareness of health and safety risks.