Some real-world examples of a trapezoid include a typical bicycle frame, the wings on an airplane, most tables, most desks and some purses. A trapezoid is a shape that has four sides, is flat and has a pair of parallel o... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Real-life examples of trapezoids include certain table tops, bridge supports, handbag sides and architectural elements. Since a trapezoid cannot be three-dimensional, many real-life examples of trapezoids are only partly... More »

A real world example of an absolute value function is any calculation in which the total depends upon simple addition of all the quantities in the function, regardless of sign. One example of such a calculation is the nu... More »

Real life examples of parallelograms include tables, desks, arrangements of streets on a map, boxes, building blocks, paper and the Dockland office building in Hamburg, Germany. A parallelogram is a two-dimensional shape... More »

Some real-world examples of Bernoulli's principle are the upward lift exerted upon the wings of airplanes gliders and birds, the upward pressure that enables liquids to be ejected from atomizers, the path taken by a curv... More »

One example of the Bernoulli equation in action is airplane wings. The design of an airplane's wings cause the pressure below the wing to be greater than the pressure above the wing. This creates an upward lift towards t... More » Science Physics

The midsegment of a trapezoid is a line that connects to the midpoints of the two non-parallel sides of a trapezoid, according to The Geometry Center at the University of Minnestota. The midsegment of a trapezoid runs pa... More » Math Geometry Shapes