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An income letter template allows users to input salary verification information into a ready-to-use formatted document. Income letter templates include paragraphs for inputting proof of employment and income. They are also used to verify an employee's position within th...


Free templates for letters are available from Tidy Forms and Vertex42, as of 2015. Both websites feature templates for letters that include business letters, friendly letters and reference letters. Templates are available to download in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.


Free business letter templates are documents designed to convey a message for a professional purpose. These types of templates contain a variety of required components and generally follow a standard format.


A transfer letter template is a document that shows a person how to write a transfer letter. A transfer letter is an official letter given to an employee being transferred from one department to another in the same organization.


A fee letter template is a document with established legal language that informs the recipient of fees charged, incurred or due. The template leaves blank spaces for the name of the recipient, the amount of the fee, the sender's information and any specific language rel...


In real estate, a letter of intent refers to an initial agreement that is non-binding for two or more parties entering into a real estate agreement. Letters of intent are common for both leases and purchase of real estate.


A real estate introduction letter is a way to get recognition in the communities where the Realtor offers his services. The letter introduces the Realtor, his brokerage and how to get in contact with him if the client is looking to buy or sell his home.