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All three varieties of Sea Sponges included, Wool Sponge (soft as silk), Yellow Sponge (mildly exfoliating) and a Caribbean Grass Sponge (medium exfoliation) . What size Sponge should I use for the Shower or Bath? The 4-5" size is perfect for kids (softball sized) , 5-6" is the standard adult bath size and 6-7" sponges are luxuriously large.


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Natural sponge - Zephyr® Bath & Shower Sea Sponge for body (4.9-5.3 in) Large vegetable bath sponge (baby adult child) 3.8 out of 5 stars 153 £13.49 £ 13 . 49 (£13.49/count)


Welcome to the Natural Bath & Body Shop , a family company working with local Florida Divers to provide you with quality, sustainably harvested sea sponges. Proudly the #1 trusted Sea Sponge company with an A+ BBB rating, an industry leading 60 day replacement warranty and a top notch shipping facility that delivers your choice of natural sponge quickly.


Clean the sponge when necessary—Wet a very grubby sponge in hot water, massage real soap into it, such as our naturally anti-bacterial hemp oil soft soap. ... Baby Bath.Two sponges in each packet: As above, but more hard wearing. Silk Fina: 2.5-3 inches £5.00Baby Bath, Face Care, Cleaning.One per pack. As above, but more hard wearing and ...


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Sea Sponges, Loofah & much more Thank you for visiting the Natural Bath & Body Shop - your destination for sea sponges , loofah , olive oil soaps, natural skin care, body brushes, massagers and natural fiber products. Note: We are open and shipping all products on time! Shipments to Canada are taking extra time! Anticipate a few day delivery delay to Canada.


Allow your sponge to dry in a well-ventilated area each day. Natural sponges take longer to dry than man-made sponges. Be sure to keep them in an open area where the air can reach all areas. Replace your sponges regularly to keep bacteria and mold at a minimum. Replace natural sponges every 3-4 weeks and synthetic sponges about every 8 weeks.


A common appliance can help you disinfect your bath sponge. Like kitchen sponges, you can put a wet bath sponge with no metal pieces in the microwave for up to three minutes. The high temperature will help kill any bacteria and discourage future growth [source: Columbia University].


If you love working up a lather when you’re in the shower, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re taking care of your sponges and other bath accessories. Last medically reviewed on ...