To take a Scholastic Reading Counts quiz, log into the program, and select the Take a Quiz tab. In this tab, search for a book using the Quick Search tool, select the book, and click Go. Complete all 10 questions on the ... More »

A sample question from the Reading Counts quiz on the book "Kipper's Snowy Day" is, "Kipper ___ shaped like himself." Answer options for the blank include "built a snow fort," "made holes," "spotted a cloud" and "saw a t... More »

A Scholastic Reading Counts quiz tests reading comprehension for a specific book. Quizzes are supplied for thousands of books aimed at the K-12 reading levels. More »

There is a great variety of websites where you can take quizzes; for example, Take a Quiz, ProProfs, Zimbio, The Superhero Quiz and Merriam-Webster. These websites have trivia and educational quizzes, as well as personal... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

The "Impossible Quiz" is a creatively challenging flash game of questions and answers designed for both beginners and intermediate users. The game consists of a series of random questions that require a combination of lo... More » Technology Mobile

Students can take Accelerated Reader (AR) sample quizzes on the product’s official website, Renaissance Learning. Alternatively, students enrolled in AR programs can take AR quizzes at school via the school website or an... More »

The online game "Impossible Quiz" is available to play through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. The game challenges players to use critical thinking skills... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games