Scholastic does not produce practice quizzes for its Reading Counts! program. The program is designed to encourage reading practice and ensure accountability in students' independent reading, and thus the quizzes are onl... More »

To take a Scholastic Reading Counts quiz, log into the program, and select the Take a Quiz tab. In this tab, search for a book using the Quick Search tool, select the book, and click Go. Complete all 10 questions on the ... More »

In order to check the answers to Scholastic's Reading Counts quizzes, access the Scholastic Achievement Manager, navigate to the Books tab, and navigate to the Scholastic Reading Counts Quiz Manager tab. In this tab, sea... More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

Scholastic offers subscribers of the Reading Counts program access to all quizzes through its website or by mailing them a disc. In addition to the more than 55,000 quizzes available, teachers may also create and share t... More »

Scholastic Reading Counts quizzes can be taken online on a specific Web server provided by Scholastic to the school district. This in-house server is only available to students within the district once the licenses have ... More »

Renaissance Learning, the company that distributes the Accelerated Reader program, does not permit students to take their practice quizzes online. Students can take the quizzes at school on a computer or a mobile device,... More »

Strategies to prevent students from cheating on online school quizzes include setting a time limit, using different types of questions and displaying one question per page. The teacher should create a question bank and r... More » Education K-12