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How to read a Rotameter: Along with the float and tube, a rotameter may come equipped with an adjustment knob, which enables the user to set the flow rate according to their requirement. Let’s summarize the procedure for reading a rotameter: Connecting the rotameter with the fluid flowing source, to initiate the process.


A rotameter is a device that measures the volumetric flow rate of fluid in a closed tube.. It belongs to a class of meters called variable area meters, which measure flow rate by allowing the cross-sectional area the fluid travels through to vary, causing a measurable effect.


How to Read a Rotameter From the Top. Rotameters are used to measure the flow rate of a gas through an orifice or series of tubing. There are many different types of rotameters available on the market today; most of them work based on gravity. The gas flow causes a small ball to rise in a graduated column, while gravity pushes down. This results in...


Rotameter Design Components The two basic components of every rotameter are the tapered metering tube and the float. Tube sizes vary from 1 / 16 to 4 in., with a 1 / 8 –2 in. range being the most common. Of course, each model has limitations as to capacity, temperature, pressure, and, in the case of liquids, viscosity. Glass Tube Rotameters.


The scale of the rotameter can be calibrated for direct reading of air or water, or it may have a scale to read a percent of range or an arbitrary scale to be used with conversion equations or charts. Safety-shielded glass tube rotameters are in general use throughout industry for measuring both liquids and gases.


Sizing Rotameters The reading of a rotameter is dependent upon the nature of the fluid being metered. Rotameters are typically supplied with either a direct reading scale for air or water, or calibration data for air and water. It is therefore necessary to perform mathematical calculations when using rotameters with other fluids.


There are many types of flow meter available for pipe flow measurement. This article zeros in on the rotameters, as one type of flow meter for measurement of pipe flow rate. The rotameter is simple to use and fairly inexpensive in comparison with other types of pipe flow meter. It can be used to read a fairly wide range of flow rate with a reasonable degree of accuracy in comparison with other ...


The Variable Area Flowmeter is one of the oldest and mature principles in flow measurement with its simple design: a float rises inside a conically shaped glass tube as the flow increases and its position on a scale can be read off as the flow rate.


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