Leech bites can cause severe allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to the proteins released when leeches attach themselves to human skin. Leech bites can also cause infection if the leech is pulled off the ... More »

Austin Health states that the first step in leech bite treatment is to force the leech to fall from the skin by applying salt, salt water or vinegar. The area is then cleaned with soap and water, and a cold pack is appli... More »

While most people have mild side effects that include itching, swelling or pain at the site of an insect bite, others can experience a dangerous allergic reaction when bitten by insects, according to Mayo Clinic. Symptom... More »

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Insect bites initially cause pain and may then precipitate allergic reactions as venom deposited through the bite courses through the skin, explains Healthline. The intensity of the reaction varies from minor to life-thr... More »

When mites infest human skin, the resulting scabies may cause intense itching, a rash that resembles acne, blisters and scales, states WebMD. Scratching the skin may cause sores, and the itchiness is usually worse at nig... More »

Although most aphids feed on plants, some instances of aphids biting or piercing human skin have been reported, according to SciLogs. The bites of these aphids can cause a rash. More »

Get rid of a mite infestation on human skin by applying topical corticosteroids or oral antihistamines to the affected area of the skin, according to Merck Manuals. Mites that have burrowed into the skin require treatmen... More »