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What Does a High RDW Blood Test Result Mean? A high red cell distribution width (RDW) test means that red blood cells vary widely in size. Abnormal cell widths are often associated with anemia, liver disease and folate deficiency.


What does a high RDW count 15.9, high WBC count 11.3, high neutrophil count 73.0, low lymphocyte count 20.3 mean or possibly indicate?


You have received Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) of 15.9 % in your blood test results. What does that mean? Good or bad? How can i improve my Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)? Everything you need to know, easily explained.


A low RDW-cv on a hematology test means that there is a very small variation in the size of your red blood cell. Low RDW means that the cells are mostly the same size, while high RDW means the ...


RDW test results may be higher if more cells are larger or smaller than normal. This can suggest the presence of an underlying condition. However, not all conditions affect RDW. What does it test for?


Answer (1 of 2): • RDWRDW is an abbreviation and stands for Red Blood Cell Distribution Width. RDW calculates the different sizes of red blood cell volume in a sample of blood, and is usually carried out as part of a complete blood count (CBC).• Normal range of reference for a RDWA normal RDW value is between 11 and 14%; anything above this is indicative of a disorder being present that ...


My MCH 26.9, my RDW 15.9, these are consistently out of range for the tests. What does that mean? Thank you, - Answered by a verified Health Professional


My recent blood test reveal a problem with my RDW -15.9 in April and increasing in 2 more blood tests. Also PLT level is 129. My doctor is sendng me to a Oncology physician this Monday. What does this mean?


RDW stands for Red Blood Cell Distrbution Width. It is a general comparison of the sizes of the red blood cells. If they differ by more than 15% they are having a significant difference in size and if well over 15% it is a concern. Normal referenc...


What does RDW mean in Blood Work? The Red blood cell Distribution Width (RDW) is a measurement of your Red Blood Cell (RBC) volume. Your RDW levels are always provided when you get a standard complete blood count test (CBC). Typical red blood cells that are healthy have a standard size of about 6-8 ?m in diameter.