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Daily Observations | June 2018. In these Observations, Ray Dalio shares his thoughts on the evolving trade dispute between China and the US, and the fundamental differences in values and approaches that lie beneath the conflict.


If you're an institutional investor you can contact them, but I think they only offer to investors and not as a subscription service. It would have been a smart move reading him in the 80s before he was so well known. With investing it is a funny ...


Bridgewater ® Daily Observations March 22, 2017 ©2017 Bridgewater Associates, LP (203) 226-3030 Ray Dalio Steven Kryger Jason Rogers Gardner Davis Populism: The Phenomenon This report is an examination of populism, the phenomenon—how it typically germinates, grows, and runs its course.


By: Ray Dalio, Bob Prince and Greg Jensen Since there has recently been a controversy about risk parity, since we were responsible for coming up with the idea, and since we now manage more of it than any other firm, we feel a responsibility for answering people’s questions about it. Finding out what is true is a[...]Read More >


Bridgewater® Daily Observations 11/15/2011 Bridgewater ® Daily Observations November 15, 2011 ©2011 Bridgewater Associates, LP (203) 226-3030 Ray Dalio Nick Reber Jason Rotenberg Sean Macrae It’s Time to Revisit Plan B-1 Now that everyone recognizes that Plan A doesn’t work and that what we call Plan B-2 has the problems we observed in ...


Bridgewater Associates send out Daily Observations to their clients, but I haven't found many traces of these publications online. The series started some 40 years ago by Ray Dalio, and there're just few papers lying around. Some publications are available upon registration on bwater.com: Formula for Economic Success - Part 2 - October 31, 2012


Hedge fund legend Ray Dalio, who runs Bridgewater Associates, is widely considered to be one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world.. Dalio has $18.4 billion in net worth, the ...


3 Bridgewater® Daily Observations 9/16/2015 Now consider an alternative: a portfolio that levers bonds to a comparable risk to stocks, and holds equal risk in stocks and bonds with a degree of leverage in the bonds so that the expected return of the portfolio is the same


Long before Ray Dalio became a billionaire, manager of a behemoth hedge fund, and a best-selling author, he was sending his Bridgewater Daily Observations out by telex and chatting with Barron’s


Bridgewater’s Dalio Slams Immigration Order In their legendary “Daily Observations”, Dalio and co-CIO Bob Prince write of fears over “nationalism, protectionism and militarism” under ...