A survey of expert reviews in U.S. News & World Report ranked Weight Watchers as the best weight loss plan, followed by the Biggest Loser Diet, Jenny Craig and the Raw Food Diet. The metrics used to make these determinat... More »

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There are a number of diets that offer rapid weight loss, including the raw food diet, the Blood-Type diet, the Five-Bite diet and the Baby Food diet. Many of these diets are hard to follow and may even be dangerous to o... More »

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The THRIVE diet plan is based on eating whole foods and eliminating meat and dairy products. The diet was created by triathlete Brendan Brazier from Canada. The THRIVE philosophy is to eat "high-net-gain" foods for maxim... More »

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The Honda Fit, Ford Mustang, Porsche Boxster and Tesla Model S are among the highest-rated new cars as of 2015, according to a survey of car reviews by U.S. News and World Report. These cars are often rated as the best c... More »

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The top-rated over-the counter decongestants are Sudafed, Claritin D, Mucinex-D, Sudafed PE, Zyrtec-D and Tylenol Sinus, based on a survey of pharmacists conducted by The Pharmacy Times in conjunction with U.S. News & Wo... More »

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Around 46 percent of pharmacists recommend Delsym, available over the counter, for suppressing a cough, according to a survey by U.S. News & World Report and Pharmacy Times in 2014. Runners-up include Robitussin, recomme... More »

NatureMade is the brand most recommended by pharmacists for vitamin B-12 supplements, according to a U.S. News and World Report Pharmacy Times survey quoted on the vitamin manufacturer's website. NatureMade's supplement ... More »

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