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An element's radioactive decay can be determined through a single equation which requires imputing the isotope's half life, its rate of decay and the decay time since the rate of decay is measured.


Exponential growth and decay can be determined with the following equation: N = (NI)(e^kt). In this equation, "N" refers to the final population, "NI" is the starting population, "t" is the time over which the growth or decay took place and the "k" represents the growth or decay constant. If necessa


To calculate production rate, use the following formula: (parts/hours produced) divided by (maximum parts/hours possible) multiplied by 100 percent. Production rate is a formula that determines how many items someone can produce during a specific time period. Someone may also use it to measure worke


Real interest rate is calculated by adjusting for the effects of inflation when compared to the nominal interest rate. The calculation formula is simple, as it only requires subtracting the rate of inflation from the nominal interest rate. The value left after subtraction is the real interest rate.


Use the capital asset pricing model to calculate the required rate of return for a stock, as Investopedia explains. Estimate a risk-free rate, determine the stock's market return, and research the stock's beta or calculate it manually. Input these numbers into the model's equation to get the rate of


Target heart rate calculators are tools that are used to determine heart rate ranges for physical exercise, according to Active.com. By accounting for age and exertion level, these calculators give users a good idea of how hard they should be pushing themselves while exercising.


Energy rates are calculated by adding the base cost of the energy itself and the cost of transporting the energy to the end user. In addition, companies calculate in the costs for weather-related repairs and the expense of maintaining the energy-delivery infrastructure. The time of day also impacts


Taxpayers can calculate their effective tax rate by dividing the tax that they pay after income reductions such as adjustments, deductions and tax credits by their total gross income, reports Fox Business. Effective tax rates for taxpayers are often significantly different than standard rates accord


To find the capitalization rate, or cap rate, use the formula of capitalization rate equals annual net operating income over cost or value. The capitalization method is a different way of performing basic calculations in order to find the rate of interest that is used to calculate the current value


Taxpayers can find a tax rate calculator for all 50 states at PayMyCheck.info. State tax rate calculators include a New York calculator at Webinfocentral.com, a California calculator at FTB.CA.gov and a Missouri calculator at DOR.MO.gov.