Jack Russell-rat terrier mixes, also called Jack rat terriers, are affectionate, independent and courageous dogs. They are small, hybrid dogs in the terrier breed. They only grow as tall as 18 inches at the shoulder and ... More »

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A rat terrier-pit bull mix is a cross between a rat terrier and an American pit bull terrier. The physical and mental characteristics of hybrid dogs are unpredictable due to the wide variety of traits they can inherit fr... More »

The American Kennel Club, DogBreedInfo.com and the Dog Breed Info Center are all resources that have pictures of rat terriers. Breed information, characteristics and history are detailed on the AKC's website. More »

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Black is neither a breed standard nor alternate color for Jack Russell terriers recognized by the American Kennel Club. The accepted breed standard color is a white base coat with markings that can be black, brown, cream... More »

A Boxer-Jack Russell terrier mix is a cross between a boxer and a Jack Russell terrier. The characteristics of this hybrid are unpredictable, as it can inherit from a wide pool of genes. More »

Irish Jack Russells are small terriers with short, often white coats with brown markings. They take their name from breeder Rev. John Russell and were originally bred for hunting foxes. More »

The ideal food for Jack Russell terriers is dry kibble containing large amounts of meat protein such as beef, chicken or fish. Jack Russell terrier puppies need to eat 800 to 900 calories per day, while adults require be... More »