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Several rashes are common among infants, including cradle cap, diaper rash, heat rash and eczema, according to Mayo Clinic. Evaluation by a pediatrician or other medical consultant is necessary for rashes of unknown origin.


Heat rash is caused when a baby is overdressed or is exposed to hot weather, according to WebMD. Parents who overdress their kids, even when the weather is not very hot, can cause heat rash.


A skin rash on a baby looks differently depending on the type of skin rash, such as pink pimples for baby acne due to maternal hormones in the womb, notes WebMD. Rashes range in color from red to pink with white or yellow accents.


The steps to getting rid of a skin rash on the face depend on the underlying cause, but rosacea has no known cure as of November 2014, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals suffering the condition benefit from avoiding certain triggers, such as foods or skin products. A doctor may prescribe treatmen


To identify the causes of a facial rash, examine the rash to determine the exact location, shape and arrangement, then take note of the rash duration, explains eMedicineHealth. Sudden allergic reactions to chemicals found in makeup and fragrances also help identify potential causes, explains the Ame


The most common causes of skin rashes in babies include milia, scabies, miliaria, impetigo and eczema, says NHS Choices. Other causes include nappy rash, cradle cap, erythema toxicum, urticaria and slapped cheek syndrome.


A baby's skin rash is diagnosed by noting the symptoms and then comparing those to the signs of known conditions, according to WebMD. Dry patches, pimples, spots of various colors, yellowish skin and greasy crusts are all signs of baby rashes that typically heal on their own.


A rash on the face around the nose indicates conditions with causes that range from allergic reactions to environmental factors, explains the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Diseases such as lupus, eczema and impetigo can cause rash symptoms on the face.


According to eMedicineHealth.com, the causes for rashes on children include a drug reaction, a viral infection and an allergic reaction. To diagnose the cause of the rash it is important to know a child's health history, including recent exposures, antibiotic use and whether they have eaten new food


Heat rash is a skin condition in which blocked sweat glands cause tiny red bumps to appear on the skin, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Babies and children are more prone to developing heat rash than adults.