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Rock ’n’ roll—or something like it—had actually been around for a while. It was called rhythm and blues, or R&B for short. It was played by black musicians. R&B came from blues music and from the gospel music of Southern churches. But this music was not for Sunday morning worship. R&B musicians played electric guitars.


Jared Anthony Higgins a.k.a Juice Wrld, born on December 2, 1998, and passed away on December 8, 2019. Higgins was a renowned American singer, songwriter,...


The Hip Hop Game contains commentary from a legendary rap artist about the world of rap music today. Hip Hop Roots, Hip Hop History and Rap History give detailed information about the history of rap music. Rap and Youth and Teen Influence address the influences that rap music has had on youth, as do Positive Impact and Youth Influence.


Additional Facts and Other Important Information. Music historians consider the period between 1979 and 1984 as the era of old school rap. According to them, the rap music during this time emphasized the good times rather than lyrical technique.


In the 1990s, elements of hip hop continued to be assimilated into other genres of popular music. Neo soul, for example, combined hip hop and soul music. In the 1980s and 1990s, rap rock, rapcore and rap metal, fusions of hip hop and rock, hardcore punk and heavy metal became popular among mainstream audiences.


Rap music might have first gained popularity in the mid-1970s when it was developed by inner-city African-Americans, but now rappers like Jay-Z, Diddy, and Kendrick Lamar are known as some of the world’s highest-paid artists. Learn more about this genre, its artists, songs, and lyrics galore in these rap music trivia questions and answers.


The American pop music history provides us information about the fact that the 1960s and '70s saw a number of important changes in American popular music, for instance, the development of a number of new styles, including heavy metal, punk, soul and hip hop. 1. Pop Music History Timeline: 1964


12. In 2008, an Ohio man named Andrew Vactor was sentenced to listening to classical music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin for 20 hours, after being caught for playing rap music too loud, as an alternative to paying a full fine of $150. He only lasted 15 minutes before leaving. – Source. 13.


20 weird and wonderful facts about music. Think you know everything there is to know about music? Prepare to be blown away as we take a look at some of the most interesting, unbelievable facts about musicians and the music industry. 1. One in five country music songs refer to alcohol, one in three to tears and one in seven to “mama”.


The song reached the Hot 100 (at #84) on the chart dated November 10, and cracked the Top 40 (at #37) on January 5, peaking at #36 a week later. These chart positions may look modest, but getting a rap song national attention was quite an accomplishment, making "Rapper's Delight" a seminal song in hip-hop history.