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Rank your net worth to specific age groups to see where you stand or where you project yourself to be in the future. Use the percentiles to compare your net-worth to US households using data from 2016. To use this calculator, enter the age ranges of the head of households you would like to restrict […]


Net Worth and Income – How Do You Rank? Now that you know the average net worth and income dollars, what are you going to do about it? If you’re like my friend in middle school, you might find out that you’re above average and then start coasting through life, content with where you’re at.


How does your net worth rank? Find out how you stack up using CNNMoney's net worth calculator.


The average American millionaire has a staggering average net worth of more than $4 million. How Does Your Net Worth Compare to the Average American Millionaire? -- The Motley Fool


I’m happy with my net worth but would like to increase my savings rate. My wife and I are wanting to buy a house soon so that’ll change in. It’ll be lower with more mortgage interest but with a rental property hopefully it doesn’t change that much. Age: 33 Net worth: $450,000 (including my wife) Savings rate: around 40%


We present this net worth percentile calculator for the household wealth distribution in the United States.Wealth percentile calculations can be done with the value (equity) of any primary home or without. Data is from the 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances, first released publicly in 2017. Also see our analysis in the net worth bracket article.


Once your net worth starts growing, you’ll have more options to increase your wealth and have an easy, carefree retirement! So Where Do You Rank With Your Net Worth? This is the question that you’ve all been waiting for. What is the average net worth for your age? Are you better than average or are you lagging behind?


Money Scorecard: How Do You Rate? ... My two cents I think net worth — what you get when you subtract your household’s debt from its assets — is a somewhat meaningless number, ...


20 Responses to How to Compare Your Net Worth to Others (Without Being Rude) J. Money June 4, ... I calculate my net worth differently, I take only my debts and my investments, I don’t include the market value of the houses, so it’s tough for me to compare apples to oranges as they say.


I was doing some research on net worth percentiles and found this related post on the Wall Street Journal blogs. I thought the term Rich-O-Meter was somewhat humorous because depending on which end of the scale you fall, maybe it is better to name it the Poor-O-Meter!