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Pumpkin Production: Texas is the fourth leading state in commercial pumpkin production, and generates $2.4 million for farmers, with an economic impact of $7.4 million in the state. 5,000 to 8,000 acres are planted annually in Texas. 90% are in the west Texas region. The pumpkin is a cucurbit, over 90% are produced for seasonal ornamental use.


Fall brings a welcome end to a long hot summer, and ornate landscape decorations featuring the harvest from our Texas farms and gardens.Central to these decorations are the winter squashes. Before we delve into growing great pumpkins or decorative winter squashes a few words of classification are in order.


Since most pumpkins require approximately 80-125 days of growing time, you should plant your pumpkins in early to mid-July. Tip: Each packet of pumpkin seeds will show both variety and the average days to harvest. How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds in Texas. Planting pumpkin seeds in Texas is no different than planting them anywhere else.


How to Grow Pumpkin in Texas. Preparing the place. Before growing pumpkins, you need to make a few preparations. Start with finding the right place to plant the vegetable. The plant should get at least 6 hours of sunlight daily for proper growth. The pumpkins survive well in lots of sunshine. To grow pumpkins, you need well-drained soil.


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Learning how to grow pumpkins in Texas requires that you understand some additional steps in the process. Tips for Growing Pumpkins. In order to grow your own pumpkins in Texas, simply follow the simple tips for growing pumpkins listed below. Pumpkin Growing Preparation


Pumpkin-Time Across Texas Stick with small and mid-sized pumpkin varieties for best results with fall crop. The latest figures I found online were that Floyd County, Texas, (Floydada) produces upwards of 20,000,000 pumpkins each year, every one of them loaded onto trucks by hand.


In Central Texas, pumpkin patches are typically planted in early summer, as they require warm soils to germinate. Although June is prime planting time, pumpkin patches require advance planning because of the way they grow. Before you plant your seeds, make sure you know what kind of pumpkins you want to harvest.


When Do You Plant Pumpkins in Texas? In order for pumpkins to be ready by Halloween (Oct. 31), pumpkin seeds need to be planted between June 1 and July 1 in Texas. Most varieties of pumpkins need 90 to 120 days to reach maturity.


Perhaps you have been encouraged by your kids, grandkids or just the kid in you to try your hand at raising holiday pumpkins - either for Halloween or Thanksgiving - in your garden but were afraid to try.Don't despair. Growing those holiday pumpkins is much easier than you