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He intensively studied ship construction in all its intricate facets, then he went on to various efficiently performed duties. At the time of Pearl Harbor Captain Wallin was serving as Battle Force engineer and was charged with overall responsibility for fleet repair and alterations. So he was in the thick of the Pearl Harbor attack from its onset.


The firm-fixed-price work, for ships assigned to or visiting Pearl Harbor, includes options that, if exercised, bring the cumulative maximum payment to $851 million.


The decision to leave the USS Arizona underwater at the bottom of Pearl Harbor was made after much deliberation. The same decision was made for the USS Utah . The USS Oklahoma was also sunk in the attack, but she was raised and put in dry dock in 1943.


Pearl Harbor Salvage Operations, 1942-43 Members of the diving crew emerge from water-filled compartments of the sunken battleship Arizona (BB-39), at Pearl Harbor, 25 May 1943. They are removing elements of the ships armament and other items for reuse.


Not many ships in Pearl Harbor were older than the UTAH (AG-16), ex-BB-31, launched 3 December 1909 and commissioned 31 August 1911. She served as BB-31 for nineteen years, then, following the London Naval Conference of 1930, she was disarmed and decommissioned in February 1931.


SAN DIEGO – Ken Hartle, who as a Navy diver during World War II had the grim task of retrieving bodies from ships sunk by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, has died. He was 103. He was 103.


Harbor long after the attack when most of the ships were already gone, ... of raising and lower the American flag over the wreck. In that same year a small temporary memorial was built above the ship. ... Pearl harbor source:life in the search engine box.


The Pearl Harbor Attack. Is it true that oil still leaks from the USS Arizona? Yes. Currently, the ship leaks 2-9 quarts each day. The USS Arizona held approximately 1.5 million gallons (5.7 million liters) of “Bunker-C” oil. The ship burned for 2½ days, leaving an unspecified amount of oil on board.


Other ships at Pearl Harbor took as many as seven torpedo hits but were repaired. One lingering question deals with the ship's oil, which began leaking on impact and has leaked slowly ever since.


Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath •On the morning of December 7, 1941, the navy of the Empire of Japan launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. •Over 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,178 more were wounded, 19 ships were damaged, and over 300 aircraft were destroyed. •The Japanese attack took the United States