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DouglastonSalmonRun.com includes a daily fishing report for its portion of the Salmon River in upstate New York. Whitakers.com offers daily fishing reports that include weather conditions and suggestions for fish bait. 1880House.com lists multiple sources for fishing re...


Raft Wars 2 is a free online game in which a player fires a water gun at targets. It can be played online for free on Miniclip and other flash game websites.


Play "Raft Wars 2" by using the mouse to aim and fire a tennis ball launcher at different aspects of a water park. Create enough chaos to force the park to close. The game features turn-based controls and a set objective for each level, such as hitting a target.


As of June 2015, BubbleBox.com hasn't released “Raft Wars 3.” Players can still enjoy “Raft Wars” and “Raft Wars 2” on its website for free. Both games are Flash games that only require a computer mouse to play.


Salmon live in rivers, oceans and lakes. They are native to the tributaries of the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans but have been introduced to other areas such as the Great Lakes in North America and Patagonia.


It is common for salmon to feed on other fish and zooplankton. What a salmon eats varies greatly depending on the region.


Even if salmon is frozen or smoked, it eventually goes bad. Various preservation methods give it a variety of shelf lives, but the printed date on the package gives an idea as to when salmon needs to go into the trash.