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There are many collective names for ducks. If the group of ducks is in the water they are called a raft. A group of ducklings is called a brood. A pair of ducks is called a brace. Here are some other terms from the British Bird Lovers organizatio...


A group of ducks can be called a flock, brace, raft, team or paddling. A group of ducks is referred to as a flock while they are in flight. They are more often referred to as a raft, team or paddling while the group is on water. Individually, baby ducks are called ducklings, adult males are called drakes and adult females are called hens.


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In fall, they migrate to coastal waters or large interior lakes, where the rafting occurs. (“Raft” comes from a Middle English noun meaning a whole lot of something, as in “a raft of trouble.”) According to U.S. Geological Survey biologist Susan De La Cruz, rafting among San Francisco Bay diving ducks is primarily about food.


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Over 1000 Redhead Ducks wintered for several months in the Tierra Verda Ponds.


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Of all the types of ducks, the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is one of the most widespread and most familiar species in the world, and they are the ancestors of most domestic duck breeds.Found wild throughout the Northern Hemisphere, mallards have also been introduced to many other areas and can easily be found in ponds, lakes, and rivers, as well as in artificial habitats such as golf courses ...