A Honda owner can retrieve the radio code for a vehicle on the Internet by providing information such as the owner's identification information and the vehicle identification number. However, the website is only availabl... More »

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Car radio codes are generally available for free. To obtain a car radio's code, record your vehicle identification number along with the radio's serial number, and then contact a local dealer or the car manufacturer dire... More »

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To use free AT&T unlock codes, simply provide the phone's IMEI number, model, account number and password. No software is required to unlock the codes. Owners can use free AT&T unlock codes to unlock their phones and use... More »

A person can get the radio code for an Acura TSX online by providing information such as the vehicle identification number and owner information. Keep in mind that the website is only available during certain hours. More »

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The radio code for all Honda cars, including the Honda Civic, can be obtained from Honda by providing the car's VIN number and the radio's serial number. The radio code is needed to reactivate a radio that has had its po... More »

The radio code for a Honda Civic EX is a private, anti-theft serial number located on the identification card that is sold with the car. A unique number is assigned for each vehicle. More »

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The 17-digit vehicle identification number of a Honda all-terrain vehicle is generally located on the main cross member where it's stamped during the assembly process. The main crossbar connects the left and right handle... More »