Radiator valves work by controlling the amount of hot water and steam that flow through the pipes of a hot water central heating system to each radiator in the system. They do this by means of plugs which stop the hot wa... More »

As of October 2015, Toro sells sprinkler valves in the P-220 series, Quick Coupler series, TPV series, EZ-Flo series and the 250/260 series. Other valves Toro sells are the 254/264 series, a variety of in-line valves, ja... More »

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Liquefied petroleum gas tanks feature a fill valve, vapor return valve, liquid withdrawal valve, relief valve and service valve. Along with the fixed liquid level and float gauges, all fittings are replaceable. More »

A cast-iron radiator works by pushing hot water or steam through the pipes or fins, heating the surrounding air. Because warmer air is less dense, it rises away from the radiator. The colder air in the room then moves in... More »

A boiler heating system heats water and pushes either hot water or steam through a series of pipes and radiators to provide heat. Specifically, steam is distributed through pipes to the radiators, and hot water is distri... More »

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Maintain your hot water or steam radiators by adjusting the slope of the inlet pipe, checking the valves and vents for blockages and leaks, and releasing air from the system at the beginning of the heating season. Radiat... More »

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A central heating boiler heats water using electricity, gas, heating oil or another fuel source, and then distributes hot water or steam to the rooms of the home. As the water or steam passes through the radiators, radia... More »

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