The difference between cheap homing pigeons and racing pigeons is mostly to be found in their training and conditioning. Homing pigeons are specially bred and domesticated pigeons that are able to find their way home fro... More » Pets & Animals Birds

To select a good racing homing pigeon, first look for signs of health, such as soft, intact feathers with a silky look and feel. The bird should also have an alert and energetic demeanor, and it should respond when you t... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Build pigeon sheds, more commonly called “coops” or “lofts,” with rough-sawn siding, chipboard, galvanized nails and eight-foot lengths of 2”x 4”, 2”x 2” and 2” x 1” wood. Other parts required include shingles, hinges, l... More »

Identification bands on homing pigeons have a series of letters and numbers that national pigeon associations issue to individual pigeons in order to identify them. These codes make it possible to identify the names and ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Find cheap baby parrots for sale from various dealers, including, and These dealers feature a wide variety of cheap baby parrots for buyers to view and select or ask for addi... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Doves and pigeons are birds belonging to the clade Columbidae, a group characterized by their plump bodies, short necks, round heads and compact, slender bills. Plumage and size vary greatly by species; the largest membe... More »

Young pigeons are called squeakers or squabs. The latter term is the more common one. The young are referred to as squabs until they have fledged, which usually takes about 30 days from hatching. More »