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McLaughlin Lofts Importing Pigeons, Champion Racing Pigeons for Sale. World's Greatest Racing Pigeons and the #1 Importer of Racing Pigeons into the USA


Ganus Family Loft wins again in one of the world's top one loft races - the 2018 Hoosier Classic MillionDollar Race in the USA. With initially 3177 race birds entered, GFL had the 1st Ace Pigeon in the four race competion and also placed Equal 1st in the Final Race.


Stephen Bros have been breeding and racing pigeons for over 35 years. Their philosophy is simple. Breed a winning family of pigeons that consistently score top prizes. They recognize that a functional and well built loft is essential. Super health combined with a training and conditioning system is needed for top performance.


We are a family owned racing pigeon loft, specializing in breeding the fastest, toughest, most consistent racing pigeons possible. We race for enjoyment but are extremely serious about results.


Borow Family Loft is a member of Bayshore Racing Pigeon Club and the Central Jersey Combine (CJC). We are a small loft competing in one of the most competitive and largest Racing Pigeon Combines in the USA.


Pigeons for Sale. We have created an Online Pigeon Store. Visit the store to purchase an outstanding McLaughlin Lofts pigeon instantly and securely from our site. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us directly. Only a small sample of the pigeons available are posted in the store.


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