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Of the 7.2 billion people alive in the world as of 2014, 4.4 billion live in Asia, 1.1 billion live in Africa, 353.4 million live in North America, 618.1 million live in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 740.7 million live in Europe. An additional 38.6 million people live in Oceania, which encomp


The word "race" is defined as "the act of running," "a contest of speed," or the verb associated with these nouns, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. "Race" can also mean "a set course or duration of time" or "a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock."


Population distribution is a term that refers to where people live. Distribution refers to the fact that the area is inhabited. Population density is the term that refers to how many people are in an area.


Human race and a person’s ethnicity are often confused with one another. However, there is a big difference between these two. Race deals with the physical characteristics of a person or group of people. These include their bone structure, skin, eye color, and hair. Ethnicity is used in reference to


Geographic distribution refers to the way that something is distributed over a geographical area and can be represented on a map. Geographical distribution is commonly used to demonstrate the spread of animal species and plants around the world. However, it can also be used to show the distribution


Distribution in marketing pertain to the tactics and techniques a company uses to get its commodities to the final consumers. It describes the process of moving products from the manufacturer to the marketplace. There are frequently a lot of moving parts involved.


The distributive property is an algebraic rule that states that a multiplied by the sum of b and c is equal to a times b added to a times c. The actual formula is written as a(b + c) = ab + ac.


A distribution strategy is a plan created by the manufacturing department of a company that outlines how the company aims to make its products available to retailers, intermediaries and consumers. The strategy focuses on the location of the target market, transportation and the storage of the stock.


Politico.com has a comprehensive, interactive map of the 2014 United States Senate races. The map shows which states held U.S. Senate elections in 2014, Republican losses/gains and Democratic losses/gains, and a state-by-state breakdown showing the different candidates (including some third party ca


The distributive property is a mathematical and algebraic property that says that multiplying two numbers is the same as multiplying one of those numbers by the sum of the other number's parts. In arithmetic, 50 x 45 is equal to (50 x 40) + (50 x 5). In algebra, the property is shown as x(y + z) = x