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So we write a function to ## calculate the right position for a label based on its vertex's location ## on the circle. ## Get the labels aligned consistently around the edge of the circle ## for any n of nodes. ... (ggplot2) ## The igraph docs say that vertex.label.degree controls the position ## of the labels with respect to the vertices. It's ...


Using geo-coordinates as vertex coordinates in the igraph r-package Tag: r , geolocation , igraph , network-analysis In the igraph package for R, I am struggling to plot a social network using latitude/longitude coordinates as the layout of the graph.


The name of the vertex attribute to set. If missing, then value must be a named list, and its entries are set as vertex attributes. index: An optional vertex sequence to set the attributes of a subset of vertices. value: The new value of the attribute(s) for all (or index) vertices.


The vertex.label option enables a mouse-over label display instead of plotting lables directly near the vertices. (Consider using the text pch options for that instead.) Edge options. Optional parameters beginning with edge. represent a subset of the igraph edge visualization options and work similarly as the vertex. options above. The current ...


The igraph documentation says that the alignment of a label with respect to its vertex is controlled by vertex.label.degree, and that It is interpreted as an angle in radian, zero means ‘to the right’, and ‘pi’ means to the left, up is -pi/2 and down is pi/2.


The distance of the label from the center of the vertex. If it is 0 then the label is centered on the vertex. If it is 1 then the label is displayed beside the vertex. The default value is 0. label.degree. It defines the position of the vertex labels, relative to the center of the vertices.


The igraph package is the best way to build network diagrams with R. This post describes the different parameters offered by the library, allowing to customize node, link and label features. ... # === vertex label vertex.label= LETTERS[1: 10], ... # The position of the label in relation to the vertex (use pi) # === Edge edge.color= "white ...


graph: The input graph. order: The vertices to place on the circle, in the order of their desired placement. Vertices that are not included here will be placed at (0,0).


Margin of the background box around the edge label. Defaults to zero. edge.label.position. Vector of numbers between 0 and 1 controlling the relative position of each edge label. Defaults to 0.5 for placing edge labels at the middle of the edge. edge.label.font. Integer specifying the label font of edges. Can be a vector or matrix with value ...


In igraph a vertex shape is defined by two functions: 1) provides information about the size of the shape for clipping the edges and 2) plots the shape if requested. These functions are called “shape functions” in the rest of this manual page.