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Reader’s Digest and Go to Quiz are some of the sources that offer quick personality quizzes. These sites provide simple personality tests that take a few minutes to complete.


Some online quizzes on the topic of stress that may be helpful are available on the websites of the Greater Good Science Center and Mental Health America. Stress has been linked to many health problems, including hypertension, depression, heart disease and immune suppression, according to PsychCentr


Seventeen, My Lifetime and All the Tests have some fun relationship test quizzes. Some titles for quizzes on Seventeen's website are "Am I in Love," "What Gift Will Your BF Love" and "Which Movie Couple are You." The website lists quizzes by the date posted.


Suddenly Senior and the American Association of Retired Persons offer trivia quizzes for seniors on their respective websites. Suddenly Senior's quizzes are text-based, with answers published at the bottom of the web page. AARP quizzes are formatted as a form, track correct answers and offer hints.


A common reading comprehension quiz involves asking a student to read a text, appropriate to his age or grade level, and to respond to questions that require answers implied by the text or to retell or summarize the story. Known as informal reading inventories, various commercial versions of this ty


"What Pokémon are you?" quizzes can be found on a variety of websites including AllTheTests.com, quibblo and PlayBuzz. Though, some further searches may be needed depending on what Pokémon you are looking to have included.


Some ?impossible? online quizzes include ?The Impossible Quiz? and ?The Impossible Quiz 2.? While both quizzes are not actually impossible, most people who play them never reach the end.


Find fun tests and quizzes for teens on Seventeen.com and QuizRocket.com, as of 2015. Quizzes include dating personality quizzes, back-to-school closet readiness quizzes, and quizzes based on popular movies.


Software programs that let users create online quizzes include ClassMarker.com and OnlineQuizCreator.com. ClassMarker.com allows users to create private and public quizzes that they can associate with custom certificates. People who take these quizzes on their computers or mobile devices can get ins


A sample question from the Reading Counts quiz on the book "Kipper's Snowy Day" is, "Kipper ___ shaped like himself." Answer options for the blank include "built a snow fort," "made holes," "spotted a cloud" and "saw a tree."