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To quilt using a machine, begin by selecting a few different fabrics. Choose one multi-colored print to start, and select prints that complement it. You can use an ordinary sewing machine for the project.


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The size of a baby quilt can vary greatly depending on the quilter's intentions. They are usually between 36 inches by 36 inches and 52 inches by 52 inches, but could be sized differently.


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Tips for taking advantage of clearance sales, such as for furniture or cushions, include noting return policies, shopping seasonally, looking at discontinued styles and noting warranties, states Overstock.com. Customers should also shop early during a clearance sale to ensure that they have the best


Quilt templates can be made out of different materials by cutting out pattern pieces from a magazine or a book on a cardboard box that can then make a template. These templates are used to help cut fabric into the perfect pieces for quilt making.


Hand quilting involves using a needle and thread to sew stitches that bind the top and back layers of a quilt. The process of pushing a needle from the top layer and then pushing it back from the opposite side is called a stab stitch.


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Machine quilting patterns include straight line, free-motion loops, shadow quilting and stitch in the ditch. Each of these patterns allows a quilter to use basic stitches and techniques to finish a quilt and express quilting creativity.


Quilt binding tips include trimming the lining even with the top and keeping the quilt corners at 90-degree angles. Another quilt binding tip is to cut binding strips on crosswise fabric grain so they measure 2 1/2 inches wide.