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" This refrigerator runs exceptionally quiet....The black finish makes the refrigerator look so elegant in my kitchen matches all my appliances also I like how you can make the freezer turn it into a refrigerator as well the height fits perfect to adapt a normal hole to put the refrigerator" "This refrigerator runs exceptionally quiet."


The Most Quiet Refrigerators. What Makes a Refrigerator Quiet? When looking to buy a refrigerator, you will have six types from which to choose. Each type will have its own set of pros and cons as well as an ability to stay relatively quiet throughout the day and night as it goes about its cooling business.


What's the Quietest Refrigerator on the Market? by Susan (USA) What is the quietest fridge on the market? I need about 28 cu ft. and prefer a French Door, but mostly I want it silent. Thanks.


The Samsung 28.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator is considered the #4 best quiet refrigerator on the market. Users are pleased with this refrigerator and would recommend it to others. This quiet refrigerator comes with a premium filtered water and ice dispenser.


With Bixby, Samsung's smart voice assistant, you can ask your fridge to add groceries to a shopping list, order food on Grubhub, ... the digital controls are very quiet. Stock its four door bins ...


Q: I am looking for advice on what brand of refrigerator is the most quiet, and thought you or your readers might be able to help. The last fridge we bought was supposed to be quiet, but it’s really not. We have to turn it off every time we’re in the kitchen.Sent by DoriEditor: We have a seriously noisy refrigerator (it sounds like it’s shaking itself apart half the time) so we’re not ...


Q: Simple question: is there a quiet, silent refrigerator? I’ve never bought one before, but now I see that as the major problem. I don’t care about all the other stuff (how it looks, cleaning) just a refrigerator that makes no noise. No motor boat in the kitchen. I can’t find a quiet one! I’ll buy a mini if it’s quiet. Any recommendations?


Lines of quiet refrigerators. Some brands have a specific line of quieter refrigerators models. The LG brand is known for its efficiency and being quiet. The compressor in these refrigerators has a cooling cycle which has an overall sound level much lower than its counterparts.


Refrigerators come in different configurations, sizes, and colors. There are French-door, top-freezer, bottom-freezer and side-by-side models, each offering different benefits. It's important that consumers measure their available kitchen space to make sure that their new fridge will fit. Also, bear in mind that depending on the model, there ...


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