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To ask ChaCha a question, go to ChaCha.com, type the question into the search box under Ask Us Anything, and then click on the magnifying glass icon to begin the search. ChaCha provides short answers from expert guides and ordinary members based on different topics.


Examples of fun questions to ask a friend include "If you could marry a cartoon character who would it be? Why?" and "What did you most get into trouble for when you were younger?" Another example is "Which movie title would best depict your life story? Why?"


Zocdoc.com and Askthedoctor.com are two of many websites available where the user can ask a certified medical professional a question free and confidentially. Both websites list the doctors who answer submitted questions and their credentials, most from top medical institutions such as John Hopkins


Questions about U.S. mail must be directed to the United States Postal Service. The USPS has a helpful customer service portal on its website, which provides answers to frequently asked questions and provides toll-free numbers for domestic mail inquiries.


There are several websites that let users ask and answer questions about all kinds of topics. Popular tech site The Next Web mentions Yahoo! Answers, Answer Bag, Blurtit, WikiAnswers and Mahalo Answers as some of the places where users can ask and get relevant responses to their inquiries.


The answer to the riddle, "What demands an answer but asks no question?" is a telephone or a doorbell. The riddle is making a pun on the word answer. Instead of a spoken reply, the word is used to mean an action in response to some event.


Candidates for employment should ask a potential employer questions such as, "What do you like most about working for this company?" Another question to ask is, "What distinguishes this company from the others?" according to Business Insider.


Different people find different things funny and therefore funny questions are subjective; however, one question that people might find funny is, "Do you have any pet peeves?" Another funny question might be, "Would you rather spend a year on a sailboat or a year in a submarine?"


WebMD has multiple online communities led by professional health experts in numerous fields. Users can submit questions and concerns to the relevant doctor, free of charge.


You can ask a questions on Wikipedia.org by visiting the reference desk section of the site. While the reference desk deals with questions on any topic, use the Talk option on a page to ask questions about Wikipedia itself.