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Question.com utilizes a large public forum to answer questions, so it altogether depends on the type of question asked and the education of the user who answers. As with any open forum, user-generated content, there are risks of getting unreliable information.


Ask.com uses shortcuts and several different types of searches, such as for images and local answers, to respond to the questions of those who use it. The questions can be in everyday English, rather than highly complicated or specific terms.


Quora and Fixya are two popular question-and-answer sites. Quora allows users to submit questions and registered moderators verify, answer and discuss answers to the questions. Fixya is a similar site, but focused on consumer products.


Websites that answer questions for free include WyzAnt, AllExperts and JustAnswer. The first two websites allow users to ask questions about topics such as pets, games, music and sports, among others, while JustAnswer connects users to doctors, attorneys, mechanics and other experts to have question


Lists of notable question and answer websites are posted on RefSeek.com, FreeMake.com and GuidingTech.com. Popular question and answer websites include Answers.com, Quora.com, Ask.com and LinkedIn Answers on LinkedIn.com.


Answers to performance review questions are ways for both a supervisor and an employee to asses an employee's strengths and weaknesses over the course of the last review period, according to About Money. Answers typically address performance areas such as what goals were met, which skills were used,


Typical topics for basic accounting questions include the items on a balance sheet and common abbreviations. Additional basic accounting questions may ask about accounting software, such as CGram Software, Financial Force and Microsoft Accounting Professional.


One way to find answers to legal questions is to utilize trustworthy websites such as AmericanBar.org and Law.Cornell.edu. These websites contain information on various legal practices and subjects.


The IRS offers basic help to tax questions, according to its website. It offers some help via email or its FAQ section. Those contacting the IRS via the site's contact form need to provide adequate details about their situation for a complete answer.


Some basic physics questions can be "what are electrical conductors," "describe refraction," "give the numerical value for the speed of light," "give the definition of momentum" and "specify the units used for work." The answer to some of these questions are that "the speed of light is given as 186,