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Maiden". Give me the astronomer's name for this constellation. ... ASTR-92; Short Answer: This is a question for you budding young astronomers. What is the.


Questions and Answers. Since 1995 I have received over 4000 questions and previously posted the answers to all of them at The Astronomy Café. Here are ...


Ask questions to real astronomers, get the latest news, find out how to get involved in astronomy or find days out for family and discover the wonders of the  ...


--> As mentioned above: if you want to colonise something, who does it belong to ? Is there indigenous life (whether intelligent or not)? Or is it a barren rock? Now  ...


Astronomy's 50 Greatest Mysteries. Explore the latest research on the biggest questions in the universe.


Some unresolved questions in astronomy pertain to one-off events, unusual occurrences that have not repeated and whose causes therefore remain unclear.


We are no longer answering astronomy questions. Q: Is there a symbol of the planet Sedna? from Joshua M, Cincinnati, Ohio, ?; April 9, 2004.