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The 20 Best Questions to Ask Your Co-Workers. Work. You spend hours there every week. But how well do you really know the people you're there with every day? Fostering strong relationships with your co-workers is a great way to make your work experience more enjoyable.


While getting personal in the workplace can sometimes be challenging, with the right attitude and some proven get-to-know-you questions you can get the process moving in the right direction. In this article, we will discuss the importance of questions to get to know people in the workplace as well as examples of specific questions you can use for a better connection with coworkers.


Spark conversations and connection among coworkers. Build office culture for (remote) teams, one trivia contest at a time. Keep employees engaged. ... 10 hand-written questions sent via email or Slack. Submit any time throughout the day. Guessing and misspelling is A-OK.


With social distancing guidelines in full effect, all of your favorite social activities may have shifted to online. This includes movie nights, romantic dinners, and even happy hours. And while ...


How to Greet Colleagues on the First Day in an Office. Starting a new job can be both exciting and intimidating. On one hand, you’re beginning a new chapter in your work life, while on the other, you’re meeting new co-workers, supervisors and managers as you adjust to being the newest member of the team. Approach your ...


Looking for more questions to use when you ask employees to provide feedback about a coworker in a 360 review?In an earlier article, we shared 360 feedback questions in five areas that were identified with data from Indeed.com.


A sick coworker is a concern no matter what, but this is especially true if you’re working in tight quarters while a highly contagious virus is spreading around the world. “The best way a company can support their employees during this time is to remind everyone about keeping their fellow coworkers healthy,” Axelbaum says.


You know, after I decided to tackle this question, I went upstairs and found my husband filling out just such a form for a co-worker. It’s not uncommon. 360 degree feedback can be an excellent thing. Frequently bosses don’t know everything and co-workers and clients can offer real insight.


Handling questions is a normal part of the work day, but dealing with constant questions from an employee makes it difficult for you to complete your own work. If you have an employee who asks too many questions, determine why the employee can’t find answers and solutions independently.


Reader Question: When a Coworker is Unexpectedly Fired. Perspectives. Nov 2, 2012 | 4 Min Read. A reader asks: My coworker just got fired. One day he was here, and the next he was gone. I didn’t see any signs that this was coming, and no one I’ve talked to knows why it happened. I’m anxious about my own job security now, and wondering if ...